Completed Solar Power Installations


Home-based business running on 3kWp Hybrid Solar System.

SMA Sunny Boy grid-tie inverter with limiting function.

18 x Solar Frontier CIS Thin Film Panels.

KD Solar Aluminium Mounting System.

DC switching system for off-grid application.

10kVA Axpert off-grid system.

200Ah Su-Kam AGM Fully Sealed Battery Bank.

Su-Kam Battery Management System for 20%-30% increased battery life.

Business continuity achieved as power outages are now a thing of the past.

Full LED light conversion.

Carbon Track for monitoring and remote appliance switching.


4kWP Su-Kam Solar Power Conditioning Solar System.

All lights converted to LED = 60% power reduction.

The school now draws 70% of its power from the sun.

Teaching continuity achieved as there is no more such a thing as a power outage.


System for a very limited budget.

Off-grid residential system to run the essentials on a day to day basis – lights and fridges.

1kWP Solar Panel Array.

6 x 165W Solar Frontier CIS Thin Film Panels.

1 x 5kVA Axpert Inverter.


System produces between 40 and 50 kWh daily.

Electricity saving of ± 95% is achieved on a monthly basis.

Family is secure with back up power from solar and batteries.

48 x 165W Solar Frontier Thin Film CIS Solar Panels.

1 x Steca 8kW 3-phase Grid-Tie inverter.

1 x Studer Xtender 6000VA back up inverter.

1 x Outback FM 80 Charge Controller.

DC switch gear to transform the solar system from grid-tie to off-grid.

8 x 260Ah AGM Gel batteries.

Full LED Light Conversion.


Home-based business running on Solar Power.

An 80% saving on their monthly electricity bill.

9,6kWp Hybrid Solar Power System.

9,6kWp Solar Panel Array.

30 x SolarWorld 320W Monocrystalline Solar Panels.

2 x SunPlug Eco 4200w Grid-Tie inverters with grid-tie limiting.

1 x Outback FM 80A solar charge controller.

2 x Outback 3kW off-grid inverters running in parallel.

8 x 260Ah AGM + Gel Solar Batteries.

DC switching to convert grid-tied system in to off-grid system.

Full LED light conversion.

Carbon Track for monitoring and remote appliance switching.


Residential Solar Power System.

± 85% Saving per month on electricity bill.

5kWp Hybrid Solar Power System.

5kWp Solar Panel array.

30 x CIS Solar Frontier Thin Film Solar Panels.

1 x SMA SunnyBoy 5kW Grid-Tie inverter.

1 x 5kVA Axpert Off-grid inverter.

8 x 250Ah AGM + Gel Solar Batteries.

DC Switching to convert grid-tie system into off-grid system.

Carbon Track for monitoring and remote appliance switching.