Solar panels efficiently convert sun energy:

Looking at solar panels but not feeling quite convinced that installing such a system will benefit you? Did you know that just a day of sunlight is equal to all of the oil, gas and coal reserves on the planet? But even with this statistic, solar power only recently covered 1% of the global electricity demand.

It can be a tough choice to make when choosing just how dependent you would like to be of nature. But the one thing you need to know about using solar power is that it is exceptionally reliable, and what is more is that with solar power you will actually be saving money.

Solar energy brings plenty of benefits, some relating to saving money and others relating to saving the environment. When you make the decision to transform the way that you access to power and the kind of electricity that you choose to have, you will find that solar energy is the way to go.

Solar power is for free and anyone can access it with the right devices. Unlike coal that needs to be processed or hydroelectric power that requires tons of moving water, solar power is simply energy from the sun. Those gentle rays of sunshine that South Africa enjoys an abundance of? That is the free energy that your solar panel kits will use to convert DC current into safe, usable AC current.

So why don’t more people invest in solar panels and the accompanying equipment to produce solar energy? For most people, the initial payment will look quite out of their reach. But the problem with this train of thought is that they fail to look beyond this initial down payment, so they miss the massive return on investment that they are guaranteed to be enjoying once the system is installed.

Solar energy has many uses, but solar power is possibly one of the most versatile and useful forms of using this clean, green resource. Produced on a large scale or on a smaller scale, solar power can keep numerous buildings powered.

A closer look at solar panels:

Solar technology has come a long way since its earliest forms. But one of the pieces of machinery used to harness the power of the sun, the piece that has become synonymous with solar power is the solar panel. No PV system or solar energy system would be complete without the solar panel.

Solar panels are the devices used to convert light from the sun into energy which can be used to power homes and businesses. Without these devices, you would be unable to harness light energy, the very energy that is free for anyone to convert.

These panels are created from a number of cells joined together on a panel, and when many panels are joined in an array, sunlight is turned into electricity. The panels are made from around 80% crystalline silicon while the other 20% of the cells on a panel are made from Cadmium Telluride which is a lot cheaper than the Crystalline Silicone, which helps to lower the price of the panels. Once the panels have been put together, they are sealed with a non-reflective glass which prevents damage and helps to give the panels a longer lifespan.

Solar panels are created in a way that they can resist all kinds of weather conditions, including freezing night time temperatures. This is part of what makes solar energy systems versatile and great for use in any region, so long as there is sunlight.

Solar panel kits include all of the components that you will need to set up a solar system of your own. We have created a number of options for you to use, and many of the options are perfectly suitable for all sorts of budgets.

Solar kits include:

Why is this often a better option? It removes the necessity of doing plenty of research to ensure that you have paired up the right components with one another. We make sure that everything will work together correctly before we sell it. We are also able to reduce the price of the system as we buy the necessary devices in bulk.

The necessity of a solar battery charger:

It is not only your home that can benefit from solar power. One of the popular products which use solar power is the solar battery charger. This device converts sunlight into solar power and then stores the energy, which can then be used to charge devices such as laptops, cell phones and digital cameras. Solar battery chargers look similar to and work in the same way as portable solar panels.

If you are going to be installing a solar energy system, you might also want to look at the wonderful conveniences of investing in a solar battery charger.

We stock all kinds of solar energy products, including solar panels, solar panel kits, and solar battery chargers.