Solar Panels and PV Systems to get you Off Grid

It is more than likely that, in order for Eskom to survive, you will be paying 28% more for your electricity soon. It is on the cards and not an easy decision for the controlling bodies – basically they are between a rock and a hard place.

Not allowing the increase could see the financial demise of Eskom which has a dire effect on our entire economy.

Allowing the increase will leave all South Africans poorer, including you, for something that was not your fault in the first place!

This is just one increase, there are more to come…

Solar Energy Is Your Answer

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  • As a low risk investment the returns of between 8-10% net are hard to beat especially during this financial downturn.
  • Electricity can be supplied at the point of use. Reducing strain on our national grid network.
  • The system will run silently and so will cause minimal disruption.
  • There is very little maintenance required for a PV system.
  • After the initial installation costs, there are no further fuel costs.
  • PV systems are modular, and can be added to at any time.

By utilising solar energy to power your home or business you will be exempt from all further increases, have enough power to live as you have always done while spending your hard earned money as you want to.

Many people think changing over to solar power requires lifestyle changes. This is not true and just a myth. And we will prove it to you.

Value4Life/Solar4Life did a solar installation at our school in August of 2015 and we are running almost completely on solar power on a daily basis. The system runs very smoothly, without incident and should the power go out, we are almost completely unaffected. The schools computers, lights, photocopiers, cctv system amongst other things all run off the solar power. We have always received friendly, efficient service from the company and have already recommended the company to other interested parties. We have managed to save on average, a third on our electricity bill monthly.
Nikki du Plessis
Administrator, Bluebird Prep School Rosebank
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Will I Always Have Electricity Available?

The systems are designed to allow you to live and use electricity as you have you have always done. Although you are “off the Grid” does not mean you do not have access to the grid.

There might be times where you will still need that extra bit of power and it will be readily available.

The difference, your cost is only for that short period of time, the rest is all provided by the sun.

With a custom designed system for your home or business you will have all the power you need 99% of the time. The 1% will only happen on rare occasions.

There is no one size fits all system.

Your system is based on your needs and requirements.

So whether you want to completely be “off the grid” or just in part we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to design and install your new solar system.

Give us a call today and let us discuss your unique requirements or complete the form below and we will call you.