Solar Geysers - Save Money With The Right Solar Geyser

Transform your home with solar geysers in Pretoria and Johannesburg

Of all of your other appliances and devices, it is your geyser which is responsible for using up the most energy in your home or business. This means that your monthly electricity bill comprises mostly of the energy consumed by your geyser. Now, what if you could remove that amount alone from your electricity bill?

Without having to pay out for your geyser, you are definitely going to be noticing a difference in your monthly account. And you can make the change by installing a solar geyser. Solar geysers are available in Johannesburg and Pretoria, two areas which receive a large amount of sunlight and heat each year. Solar geysers are able to drastically reduce both your usage of grid-supplied electricity and the amount of non-renewable resources that you depend on to heat your water. In Johannesburg and Pretoria, solar geysers are available from Solar4Life and we can assist you with discovering the benefits of installing this kind of solar system.

But are solar geysers worth it? Why should you choose a solar geyser?

After the initial down payment on a solar geyser, it is more than fair to say that a geyser powered by sunlight is going to result in saving you money. Solar geysers are exceptionally effective in heating water so you are not going to be losing out anywhere in terms of the usefulness of the geyser.

When you are investing in such a geyser, you are guaranteed to be saving. Many South Africans have uncovered the benefits of using solar energy to heat water, and it won’t take as long as you think to start seeing a return on your investment.

A solar geyser is going to work and be as effective as an electric geyser. Many people, when it comes to making the decision, will worry about the effectiveness of the appliance. You won’t have to worry about the water not heating, or the water going cold quickly. The hot water will stay hot until you need it.

Possibly the biggest reason why we can confidently say that solar geysers are worth it is that with this system in place you will basically be enjoying free hot water. Solar energy is free energy, so anything that uses solar energy is being powered for free.

Finally, solar products such as a geyser are great for when you are looking for a way to boost the value of your home. Green homes are more efficient when it comes to saving money, an attractive quality for anyone looking to buy a home.

There are many compelling reasons to invest in green renewable energy. From saving money to saving the environment, you are not going to lose a thing when you make an investment as smart as this.

How do solar geysers work?

When you start your shopping for a new geyser, you will find a variety of different types on the market. The direct geyser, the indirect geyser and the spilt geyser are the three most common solar geysers available in South Africa at the moment.

  • The Direct Geyser

Receiving direct sunlight onto a series solar panels on evacuated pipes filled with water, this geyser system is considered to be more effective than the indirect option. With the direct sunlight, the water heats up faster and stays heated for longer. Direct solar geysers work exceptionally well in Johannesburg and Pretoria, two cities that are known for receiving plenty of sunlight all year round.

  • The Indirect Geyser

The indirect Geyser relies on anti-freeze which flows through the solar panel. The tank is a dual system, with the water remaining in the inner tank rather than flowing into the panels as the water does with the Direct Geyser. The antifreeze circulates through the panels and heats the water.

  • The Spilt System

This system is a little bit more complicated than the other two. The heated water needs to travel a little further than the other systems, which can result in the heat being lost, but this system continues to be one of the favoured solar geyser systems in South Africa. It is called a split geyser because half of the system is in the building structure and the other half is on the roof itself. The solar panels absorb sun energy which then heats the water which is placed within a water tank in the house.

Solar geysers require little maintenance and there are a number of quality solar powered geysers available in South Africa. And in a country that receives so much sunlight, it is important to be able to harness this free energy.

Solar4Life has a range of high-quality solar geysers for sale and we supply these money saving appliances to homes and businesses throughout Johannesburg and Pretoria.

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