Solar Batteries with Chargers

What is a solar battery charger?

As the name suggests, a battery charger is used to charge rechargeable batteries. The charging of the rechargeable batteries enables the batteries to return to a condition where they are able to operate again.

Why should a battery charger be used?

Should a battery run low or completely drained of all power, it is imperative that the battery is recharged as soon as possible as the lengthier the time it stands drained, the more damage will incur which could result in that battery being totally dysfunctional, requiring you to spend money on a new battery.

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What battery charger should be used to charge the batteries?

Battery chargers are made to charge certain types of batteries, therefore, it is not possible to use just any charger. The more common chargers are manufactured for the lead, lead calcium or lithium batteries and these can be plugged into any alternating current (AC) wall plug or socket and the power supplied from the AC outlet will be used to charge the batteries. Multi-cell chargers are used to charge a battery bank or a number of batteries at once.

Depending on the batteries and the system requirements, the battery charger needs to be sized and selected accordingly.

Quality solar battery chargers

Many batteries don’t last their estimated lifetime and therefore need to be replaced earlier than expected, resulting in an unexpected expensive investment. The main reasons for the batteries not lasting their estimated lifetime are:

Can only one battery be charged at a time? Battery chargers are able to charge multiple batteries concurrently. The batteries would be connected in either a series or parallel combination, resulting in all the batteries receiving an equal amount of charge.