Pure Sine Wave Inverters

1000 watt inverter

A pure sine inverter the safer and more efficient type of inverter, because the output voltage of a pure sine wave inverter has a similar pattern to that of the main utility grid with the smooth wave-like motion. The output form has a very low harmonic distortion and cleans the power much in the same way that the utility grid does. Pure sine wave inverters are also able to prevent computers crashing and glitches in monitors.

The other kinds of inverters

Inverters come in different types and most solar systems are going to require the inverter in order to produce that quality solar power that you will be using to power your home or your small business. The most popular inverters that are available are the hybrid inverter, the off-grid inverter, and the grid tie inverter. Inverters help to provide usable power that will not damage your appliances.

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