Advantages of Solar Power

-After the initial once-off payment has been made and the system is up and running, you will be saving money. We provide a ROI (Return On Investment) table which details the current costs of the electricity supply from the main utility grid and gives you a breakdown as to how long the system will take to pay itself off, as well as the savings you will be making in the process. Speak to one of our sales consultants in Johannesburg or Pretoria.

-With the correctly sized solar system, you will be able to power your entire household or alternatively the items that you require to be powered in the case of a supply interruption from the main utility grid.

Solar PV systems require little maintenance and are made of durable materials, therefore enabling you to have years of trouble-free power on your premises.

-The power generated by a solar PV system can be stored for use on the overcast or rainy days and, if your system is one of a grid-tied nature and your local municipality allows, you may be able to feed the excess power generated back into the main utility grid.

-A solar PV system is totally environmentally friendly as it is clean, green energy and enables you to reduce your carbon footprint.

-Solar PV systems are quiet.

-Some solar PV systems are able to generate enough power to supply your premises for a couple of days.

-Having a solar PV system can increase the value of your home should you wish to sell it in the future.

Disadvantages of solar power

-The capital investment is steep, but in the greater scheme of things, well worth the investment as the savings are great over time.

-Continual unfavourable weather (rain, etc.) hinders the production of power.

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Solar power, which can be accessed by the various solar systems that are currently available on the market, is the form of renewable energy that every money-savvy person should be considering. The versatility and the affordability of solar power mean that you can actually afford to live off of the grid with more than enough electricity to keep you going. And with South Africa’s immense sunshine, solar energy is certainly the better option.

Solar energy is being recognised as the future of alternative energy sources as it is non-polluting and helps combat the Greenhouse effect on global climate created by use of fossils fuels

Solar power is the world’s safest, cleanest and cheapest form of energy. Safely converted into electricity to be used in the home or business, solar power can completely replace electricity supplied by the national grid. Solar power is energy from sunlight as opposed to energy from heat.

The light is converted into solar power through the use of a solar system, which consists of a series of devices put together to generate power.

Solar panels are the most common characteristic of a solar system, they are the feature that will stand out the most. But there is more to the solar system than the solar panels. Solar inverters, batteries, and chargers are also important parts of the solar system that you will need to have.

Think about the uses of electricity. There is a variety of appliances and devices that rely on electricity, not to mention that just about all of our building structures are built to be dependent on electricity. From the sockets in the walls to the convenience of having lights turned on at the flip of a switch, electricity is something that we are undeniably dependent on

Solar generated electricity can be the perfect replacement for conventional electricity supplied by the national power grid. Solar power systems are known for providing power to heat water, light homes, generate heat and be the source of energy for all of the appliances in the home.

The biggest reason is that you will be saving money. In the long term, the return on your investment will go beyond what you have initially paid for the solar power system. There is also the fact that you will no longer have to worry about the downtime that can be expected when you are relying on electricity supplied from the national grid. With solar power systems, you are guaranteed to find a new kind of independence.

More and more homes in Africa are being powered by the sun. And with the amount of sunlight we receive each year, letting all of that potential energy go to waste is a shame. Even though only around half of the energy from the sun actually reaches the earth, just an hour of sunlight could be enough to power the whole planet, for a year. Sadly, today we only have enough technology to produce one-tenth of a percent of the worldwide energy needs.

This power can be used on a grand scale, or on a smaller scale, which is a factor that contributes to the versatility of this form of electricity. Solar powered farms are known to produce enough energy to keep an entire town going, but what you need is a system that will provide you with clean energy to keep your home or business powered.
Solar systems can also be exceptionally versatile when it comes to where they can be mounted. The different types of solar systems are designed to accommodate all kinds of structures, as well as to suit all kinds of purposes. For instance, you can invest in a system that is completely off the grid or you can buy a system that stores power and feeds any additional power back into the national grid.

Solar power is for everyone and anyone who installs a system will start seeing the advantages of relying on clean energy from the sun. And as the focus turns more towards using renewable energy, now might be the very best time to set up a solar energy system for your home or business.