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As a leading solar power systems provider and installer we are always looking for new and innovative ways to assist our growing client base in getting those quality solar products that will help them change the way that they access electricity. It is our aim to make solar simple for everyone. The solar revolution comes with many benefits and we do our utmost best so that everyone has access to affordable solar products.

The solar PV systems that we have provided for homes and small businesses in Gauteng are sourced from leading manufacturers before being expertly installed by our team of professionals. Solar4Life is committed to benefiting the community and the environment. Our services offer guaranteed client satisfaction. For the best service in Pretoria,Centurion and Johannesburg and Nationally on request.

We are a reliable one-stop energy efficiency company, focusing on ‘green’ technologies, especially solar power.

Solar4Life Energy Solutions manages the transformation of homes and small businesses, from the point of data collection and analysis to the completed product installations. Our team makes the transformation simple and easy for our customers, ensuring that they start benefiting from their solar systems as soon as possible.

We classify ourselves as a one-stop energy efficiency company, focusing on ‘green’ technologies.

Empowering your future

We strive to transform as many homes and businesses as possible into energy independent, energy-efficient, eco-friendly and sustainable assets. Solar4Life Energy Solutions manages the transformation from the point of data collection and analysis to completed product installations and makes the transformation simple and easy for our customers.

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Our mission and our purpose at Solar4Life?

The cost of electricity in South Africa has increased by more than 300% over the last 8 years and counting.Although electricity is still fairly priced in South Africa, this is 250% more than the increase in inflation over the same period. 

South Africa is experiencing power outages frequently for various reasons, including load shedding, planned maintenance, technical problems, and cable theft, which is just to name a few. Climate change due to global warming is a serious threat to the future of the planet and the wellbeing of our children and grandchildren. 

One of the largest contributors to global warming is the use of fossil fuels. South Africa’s energy mix currently consists of 93% coal usage, and South Africa is the 11th largest CO2 emitter in the world and Africa’s #1 polluter. Every day that passes without a Solar PV (photo voltaic) power plant on your rooftop, you are contributing to the ill health of the planet and missing out on passive income. Going green is not only a sound investment for a lucrative ROI but it is also one of the best ways to reduce CO2 emissions thus contributing positively to your finances as well as the ever so important and irreplaceable environment.

Solar PV (photo voltaic) power plant is a great method to generate electricity for properties like lodges and game farms without any power connection to the local electricity supplier, this is known as an Off-Grid System

Solar4Life was established in 2014 to offer its most valued client’s methods to turn their rooftops into passive money generators, by providing methods to secure power stability to combat the frequent power interruptions in electricity supply, and by providing methods to electrify none electrified properties. Solar power is also assisting in the reduction of CO2 emissions.


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