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Recent Solar System Installations

Solar4life specializes in solar power and back-up power systems.

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I have used Value 4 Life/ Solar4Life on numerous occasions, and have been very impressed on their efficiency and overall professionalism. I will continue to choose them as a partner
Jonathan Harf
Owner, One Energy Bedfordview
Henry het vir ons te 1150 Terblance straat Villieria Pretoria n instulasie gedoen.Hul instulasie werk is van die hoogste gehalte.Dit was Desember 2015, ons het in die tyd n probleem op die stelsel ondervind, wat spoedig deur hul op gelos was.Ons is tot op datum, baie gelukkig met dienste gelewer. U is enige tyd welkom om met my in verbinding te tree, indien ek u van hulp kan wees.
Carl Beukes


Let us assist you in the complete transformation in the way that you supply electricity to your home and your business.

Value4Life/Solar4Life did a solar installation at our school in August of 2015 and we are running almost completely on solar power on a daily basis. The system runs very smoothly, without incident and should the power go out, we are almost completely unaffected. The schools computers, lights, photocopiers, cctv system amongst other things all run off the solar power. We have always received friendly, efficient service from the company and have already recommended the company to other interested parties. We have managed to save on average, a third on our electricity bill monthly.
Nikki du Plessis
Administrator, Bluebird Prep School Rosebank

Our Mission and Our Purpose

Be a part of the solar revolution

Solar energy is free, renewable and clean, but you need to have the right equipment to harness it. You can find this equipment at Solar4Life. Solar power is the energy that is created when sunlight is converted to electricity. In South Africa, we are privileged to have up to 250 hours of sunlight each year, and all of this energy is mostly going to waste. By harnessing this power, you will be saving big on your electricity bill. Solar geysers, solar panels, and even solar lights are all designed to save you money.

Solar power is a part of the future and the best way that you can harness solar power is through using solar panels. Solar systems come in all forms, but one of the most popular types is solar geysers. Solar batteries are often included with the solar systems, allowing precious solar energy to be stored. Ideal for colder days when the sunlight might be limited, having solar batteries means that you will never be without electricity.

Solar power can be collected and stored using the right products

Solar4Life offers a range of quality products at prices that everyone can afford. Helping you to harness solar power, we have solar panels, solar inverters, and other solar systems for you to choose from. And if you are looking for off-grid inverters, a grid tie inverter, or a hybrid inverter, we can assist you as well. We also offer high quality, long lasting backup power systems.

Small businesses in Gauteng can afford to transform the way that they get electricity. And they can start enjoying the rewards of going solar almost immediately. 

A Solar PV system will save you money in more ways than one

As a business with a Solar PV (photovoltaic) power plant, your CO2 tax will be minimized. As a business, SARS has made provision to depreciate your Solar PV (photovoltaic) asset 100% in year Once a Solar PV (photovoltaic) power plant has been installed the ROI grows as the cost of electricity increases. Solar4Life prides itself in the design of an effective system to satisfy each client’s budget and needs.